Sunday Worship

Clear Lake Church worshipped as usual Sunday morning while the volunteers from Northside Christian, Harding, and Lubbock Christian drove home and the volunteers from Prestoncrest finished a yard cleanup and pulled a large stump.


Mick and I spent the afternoon with the church youth group cleaning out Stennie’s (like Jennie’s) house in San Leon. The waves had washed the front wall in (facing Galveston Bay), washed the contents against the kitchen in the back of the house (towards the street) and pushed the bottom of the back wall out.


We had to tear loose the hinges on the door and force it out to get the refrigerator and other debris out of the house.


Her daughter, son-in-law, and grand kids got there after we started and she arrived from Batton Rouge just as the crew got in the church van to come back for Sunday evening activities.

John McGuire



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