Volunteer Operation Winding Down

Hilltop Rescue volunteers spent the month of November working on the Bolivar Peninsula.  Conditions there are very bad.  The landscape is bleak.  Parts of the area look like a giant hand has come down and smashed all the buildings flat.  Part looks like that giant hand just swept everything away.  Other areas look like “normal” flood-damaged land–ruined homes with a bizarre variety of debris littering house and yard.  The water is not safe to drink.  Electricity is still out in many neighborhoods.  The only aid available on the peninsula has been at the Port Bolivar Volunteer Fire Department, where three volunteers from other states have been giving out cooked meals, bottled water, and any other donated supplies on hand. They have spent time not only cooking and running the distribution center, but also sitting and talking with anyone who came in, letting people cry out their despair, and sometimes offering to help with clean up.  Mike and Eva 1 and Eva 2, thank you.  Thank you for the example you set for everyone who crossed your path.  Thank you for your servants’ hearts.  Thank you for feeding the Hilltop Rescue volunteers hot lunches.  We will miss you as you pack up and leave for home.