Polly’s Story

Monday morning Polly woke up to a flooded Nashville… where she has lived all her life.  Her house was dry, but she knew many people around her were enduring pain, so she asked herself a simple question:  “What can I do to help?”.  Polly is not young.  She suffers from symptoms of aging that cause her voice and her hands to shake in equal measures.  But her heart belongs to Jesus, and she knew He would show her a way to help. As she watched the news unfold on her TV, some anonymous person suggested that those who can’t physically help with the disaster relief operations could provide water for the workers.  So, Polly got into her car and drove to Walmart.  She bought a car load of bottled water and took it to her church where she got help unloading it.  She told me it was for anyone who was hurt by the flood, or was working to help others who were hurt.  I smile as I think of that little step of faithful service. 
And, as I was making my way around our church family to help those who were affected by the flood, I noticed at one of the homes a box full of previously cooked and packaged food.  An entire feast for that family to enjoy.  I asked where the food came from.  I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear that it was from Polly.  Dear, sweet, Polly.  Polly could have felt like she had done her part by providing water for the thirsty.  And she would have been justified in thinking so.  But that question still remained in her heart:  “What can I do to help?”.  It seems that as long as there is need, people like Polly will always ask that question. 
Has that question popped into your head and heart?  If so, sign up now.  Nashville needs you.